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Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy

This system maps onto the body how we block our energy in defensive patterns of adaptation learnt in our childhood development.  Using these clues of your body structure signals where the resources of energy lie and how to help you use this to transform feelings of stuckness into opportunity.  

Core energetics work mobilses your life force and uses cathartic techniques to facilitate discharge of emotional energy that has been suppressed allowing release and freedom for your life energy to flow back into your heart and connect with your highest intentions and live from love and flow.

This work is deeply transformative and I provide a sacred safe place where you are able to let your true free self be, this work literally transforms darkness into light where once anxiety, angst, jealousy, rage, fear, self doubt, depression all held you feeling helpless you have the opportunity to reclaim your powerful whole self.

Short term benefits:

After one session you experience a feeling of flow and harmony in your energy system, and a big relief of letting go and feeling in co-operation with life, feeling more connected to your self and your personal power.  A sense of living a heart centred life.


Long term benefits:

Your capacity to live consistently from a heart centred place is increased especially when combining with Emotional Release Massage and Mindfullness and Observation Therapy.  This truly transforms you from the inside out as you transform stuck energy from the cells of your body and ground it back into free flowing present time harmony.  You have a faster flowing life force and increased capacity for feeling, able to process and handle challenges that life throws at you, and increased capacity for feeling pleasure and connection to your humanity.  Improved relationships and communication in all areas of your life - business, personal as you live more in alignment with your truth.

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