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Emotional Release Body Work

Our emotions are a bridge between our mind and body.  Sending us messages every moment of the day.  Often they get stuck in the cells of our muscles as chronic muscular tension:  through daily or long term stress, trauma and neglect.  This tension forms a type of defensive armouring in our body-mind that forms to help us cope yet this also numbs us to full feeling in an attempt to keep us safe.  With effective deep tissue release I work from head to toe in a fully clothed massage to leave you feeling clear, focused and more connected to your wise self.  I incorporate pranic healing and other subtle energy healing techniques to support you fully, my aim is to allow you a full journey of experiencing whatever feelings and emotions are needed to be felt in this present time.

Short term benefits:


After one session you will feel a sense of peace and calm and more connected to your body and in present time.  Harmony in your energy system, a feeling of increased vitality and relaxation and able to move from a heart centred decision making system.


Long term benefits:


Having 1 session per week over a period of time is ideal and will create the best results.  Especially if used in conjunction with Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy and Mindfullness and Observation Therapy.  You will experience a refinement in how you connect with your mind, body and emotions seeing them all as interconnected.  It becomes a habit to track how your body is feeling and connect it with your emotions and to notice the thoughts that follow it too.  This means you have a higher sensitivity to creating change in your life as you spot the moments that require your attention to make a different decision that opens you to expression, vitality and happiness rather than the old choices that lead to stress, tension and re-inforced your false beliefs.

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