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I didn't know what to expect from my first session with Briony.  All I knew was that Briony is a specialist in Body Psychotherapy and my best friend had told me it was going to be an incredible journey.  Between the self-care work that I was doing I was seeing Briony on a weekly basis.  Briony is an intuitive soul and very quickly could pick up on the work that I needed.  Constellation, Voice dialogue and creative visualisations plus more are all part of Briony's work.  In my sessions Briony could read not only my energy, my character and family makeup.  Briony massaged out the blockages that I had built up in my body.  Especially as I had recently been through a break up and was feeling hurt.  As a result the positive changes that have come through so far is I feel my body like it hasn't been for a long time, my mind is clear, I have new found energy, and am feeling more grounded and my self love has improved immensely.  A friend who didn't know I've been doing this work even asked if I have had some 'work' done on my face as I looked like I was glowing.  Thank you Briony for all your amazing work you truly are an amazing soul.  I highly recommend Briony and the work she does you will definitely walk away from each session with positive change, growth and clarity.


Rose Spandau

Sydney, Australia

I went to Briony's Emotional Release workshop with few expectations but mainly curiosity as she was so approachable.  It opened my eyes up to connecting with my body and really listening to its needs, deeper than just 'I'm hungry or I'm tired!'.  I felt really relaxed and refreshed afterwards like something had shifted and I'd spent 3 hours really taking care of myself but time flew by, in a good way!  A beautiful experience I'd recommend you try - be curious, it is so worth it.  Briony was an amazing practitioner leading us gently through exercises and I felt safe and sure of what I was doing but also learnt a lot.

Kirsty Keating

Sydney, Australia

Briony is fun, insightful, and much wiser than her playful demeanor would have you believe. She absorbs context quickly and will address your issues with a vast array of techniques at her disposal. Never a dull moment, and most certainly a breath of fresh air compared to traditional protocol.

Gerard Zelaya


I met Briony at a “Heartfelt Relationships” workshop where she was assisting the presenter using Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy developed by John Pierrakos, MD. 

Core Energetics brings consciousness to your energy blocks and defence patterns adapted in childhood keeping you limited and disempowered to a new awareness of how your body, emotions, mind, will and spirit form to influence the whole being. 

I was immediately impressed with Briony.  She was respectful, supportive and clear about her work.  This clarity is so refreshing.  It allows her to quickly identify blocks and to use her experience to shift, release and transform without judgement or ego.

I then attended her Emotional Release Massage workshop where she shared her knowledge in a practical manner. Followed by a private “one-on-one” Body Psychotherapy to work on my personal issues.

Briony was easy to talk to, seeking and asking permission to confront and transform whatever you need to shift to really feel in tune to be at peace with every cell of your body. I liked that you could focus on your priorities and move at your own pace, vocalising feedback while she gently corrected your old patterns.  I value her skill, tenacity and power of transformation and love her transparent honesty and clean interaction.  I felt “in good hands” throughout the session. Weeks later I am still benefiting.

I have no hesitation to recommend Briony, she has the balance of the theory and therapy which results in a masterpiece of body/mind holistic healing.

Marion Wait

Sydney, Australia

I don't even know where to begin, I didn't know what to expect. My mind was creating all of these expectations that Briony straight up bypassed.

She articulated my perspective better than I ever realised, she made me realise there is more to me than I even could understand. She's shifted my perspective in ways I can't fully explain. Like finding new gears in my car that I never knew existed and I'm just exploring each one now. Going faster than I ever could imagine.

But I feel more whole, I feel more connected. It's not just all talking, there's a physical aspect to what she does and it's like she's unlocked doors inside of me. I had always felt blocked within, divided in two with a gap in my mind that didn't fully connect. I had always felt I lived my life with one hand tied behind my back and was still in the shallow end of the pool when everyone else was swimming in the deep.

I had stored so much trauma and baggage in my body and it was affecting my mind. After each sessions throughout the week I felt a sense of flowers blooming in me, unfolding and displaying it's true form. I began to experience new thoughts; confidence, assurance, understanding and most importantly trust in self.

I began to have even more vivid dreams, like my wires had been repaired and were fully functioning. In a sense I felt reborn and I'm just pushing now to maximise my potential.

I feel more connected to my body, I simply feel like me and more present.

Briony truly operates on a whole different level and every time I spoke to her I felt like my words were only one aspect of what she was hearing, I sensed she felt my energy, the words behind the words, the unconscious self lurking within. I sensed that it was truly ok to drop all of my walls and trust her ability, her experience.

So thank you Briony, you've changed my life a really safe space.

William Solis

Sydney, Australia

Briony is incredibly intuitive and brave with her work.  Her workshop was safe, vulnerable, powerful, intense and life changing.

Jen Walker

Sydney, Australia

Deep gratitude for Briony's workshop as the beautiful somatic experience filled my mind, body and spirit.  A welcome release from the pressures of life. I felt safe in her workshop and highly recommend it!  Having worked as a medical doctor for so long I know people need this work and I would recommend my patients to Briony without a doubt.

Ellis Bien

Sydney, Australia

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