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Mindfullness and Observation Therapy

Using tools of observation to explore the different parts of your personality that you may not be consciously aware of are influencing your decisions, thoughts and feelings every day of your life.  The place of observation is vital to creating change in life as we must first be consciously aware of exactly when, where and how we are behaving at a detriment to our goals, ourselves and our relationships to truly be at choice.  I utilise Gestalt therapy, constellation work: abstract, family and systemic and meditations to assist you on your journey to taking responsibility for how you have created your life and to create space for connecting to your empowered self.

Short term benefits:


After one session you will get a sense for how vast you are and explore parts you may not have known were a part of you.  You will feel a sense of expanded awareness and self compassion.


Long term benefits:


After having multiple sessions over a longer term period your capacity for self knowledge and using these tools for yourself in your daily life are honed!  You understand without a doubt that you are more than how you react and respond in one moment and you have the power to connect with that.  You have an intimate awareness of why you think, feel and act and find it easier and easier with time to connect with the roots of any disturbances you feel.  This works really well in conjunction with Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy and Emotional Release Massage to help process any repetitive patterns that seem anchored heavily into your body and need a more complete release. 

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